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"New Day & Mandate"

We are a church body of believers united together to offer the King and the Revelation of His Kingdom. We offer Gods Grace and His Help in Adversity. We offer relationship both with God and people. Giving light and His promise of a New 

Day. As a fellowship with global focus, our vision embraces all humanity without regard to ethic, cultural or social distinctions. Because we are a fellowship of Christ's disciples, our foremost and overriding priority is to fulfill the "Great Commission" as commanded by our Lord, and in so doing, demonstrate manifestation of the Kingdom of God. Our Mandate is to reach out to the lost with the love and compassion of Christ to those that are hurting, broken, and helpless, bringing the Peace and Provision of the Kingdom of God for both physical and spiritual needs. This church serves as a conduit of Gods anointing through which the supernatural power of God is made evident in Signs, Miracles, and Wonders. Endowed with the authority with the mighty and majestic name of the Lord Jesus , we are persuaded that nothing shall be impossible to them that believe. We are a church that believes in empowering the whole believer, fortifying the body, and enriching the family. New Day is a place that believers can become seasoned disciples maturing in their faith as they are transformed into the image of God. This church is committed to preaching and practicing with passion and conviction, The Uncompromising Word Of God, holding firm the standard of holiness against the encroaching contamination of iniquity and worldliness. New Day International Kingdom Ministries, accepts its divine destiny, as an instrument of God in the coming last day harvest of souls. We will Fervently be praying for the latter rain outpouring of His spirit, and eagerly preparing for that great and blessed hope of His eminent return!

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